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Cretaceous Period.
Era Centaurilor.

Indian chief.
Sef indian.

More port, slave!
Inca un rand de vin, sclave!

Listen, have you ever thought about becoming a squirrel?
Spune-mi, nu te-ai gandit niciodata sa devii o veverita?

No no, it is indeed boned in advance.
Nu, nu, nu era deja dezosat.

Have you stolen my budgie's turban?
Tu ai furat turbanul canarului meu?

Please don't expire where I stand.
Nu-ti da sufletul unde stau eu.

Who has been using my dictionary to press jellyfish?
Cine a folosit dictionarul meu sa preseze meduze?

Have you got any records with Roger Whitaker, mr. count?
Aveti cumva niste discuri cu Roger Whitaker, domnule conte?

If none of you can get me a giraffe, what am I supposed to do then?
Daca nimeni nu poate sa faca rost de o girafa, ce ma fac?

With many thanks to Søren Svane Hansen and Alina Dragomir for this course.

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