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The following is a small selection of my principal works, all made under pseudonyms for security reasons.

Horst Schweinhalz: "Disfigured child with notch in skull", 1949, oil on canvas. Oberknödel Kunstmuseum, Essen. 59 Kb.

A strange little fellow

Abraham Aaron Goldstone: "My own little laxative", 1921, oil on canvas. Boise Museum of Modern Art, USA. 80 Kb.

Obscene gesticulation

Jean-Yves Pah: "The uncle from 3rd Arrondissement", 1898, oil on wood. Musée Saint Gaston, Limoges. 117 Kb.

Weird impression

Antonio Isabella Pollione: "Stark raving mad Roman patrician", 1962, watercolour. Vatican museum. 50 Kb.

It's a clog

Sergei Iaskomov: "Cousin Tatiana from Pereiaslav-Khmelnitskij", 1987, oil on canvas. Museum 48, Verkhojansk. 40 Kb.

Wonderfully disfigured little girl

Ignatius Askleif Christoffersen: "The dream of Tønder", 1904, oil on canvas. Amalienborg Castle, Copenhagen. 80 Kb.

Surrealistic scene

You are welcome to copy the paintings for personal use, provided they are redistributed unchanged, and are not put on other web-pages without a specification of their author and origins.

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