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Christmas Gnomes

In December six or seven years ago I got well and truly bored with cute Christmas decorations, in particular with merry and playful Christmas gnomes. Therefore I started making my own anti-gnomes, which I hereby make available, in case anybody needs some alternative Christmas decorations.

The gnomes can be downloaded as a PDF-file (173 KB) or as a Windows Metafile (122 KB).

Dead gnome and infant alien

Gnome is with malice aforethought run through by ogre

Triumphant ogre and gnome with split skull

Gnome carcass is devoured by vultures

Ogre armed with meat cleaver and distraught gnome

It is not allowed to modify the gnomes, or publish them on other web-pages without indicating their origin.

The above icons can be swallowed by children younger than 2 years