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Please note that the number 3 is used to represent the arabic voiced pharyngeal, which, according to the kind provider of this course, is a sound akin to saying "ahh" while choking oneself. Pronounciation is performed at your own risk.

What does your father do in the United Nations?
Maadha ta3mel waliduki fi 'l-omam al-muttahida?

Why don't you have any friends?
Limaadha le laka SaDiqaa'?

Who is watching TV every day, in the morning and in the night?
Men yushaahid al-televiziyun kul ayam, fi 'l-nahaar wa fi l-masaa'?

Do you feel cold in the summer?
Hal tesh3ur bi-berdan fi 'l-Sayf?

Where do the friends of your male paternal cousin like to travel?
Ayna al-Sadiqaa' al-ibn 3induka yuHibun al-safar?

In which school were you a student in fourth grade?
Bi-ayy madrasa kunta talib fi al-Saf al-raabi3?

Of what decent are your ancestors?
Min ayy aSl ajdaaduka?

Do you sometimes like the loneliness in cities?
Hal tuHib al-wiHida fi makaatib aHyenen?

What is the best day of the year, in your opinion?
Maa aHsan al-yom fi 'l-usbwa3 balnisba laka?

With many thanks to Jeffrey Watson for this course.

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